4-wire Threaded Housing PT100 Temperature Sensor
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4-wire Threaded Housing PT100 Temperature Sensor

Sensor Spec: PT100
Accuracy: Class A
Probe Material: AISI304
Compliant with: RoHS, REACH
Cable Length: 100mm, or customized upon request
Connector:  Molex 1375820-4
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The 4-wire threaded housing PT100 temperature sensor is a versatile and reliable device designed for accurate temperature measurement in various industrial applications. It features a stainless steel threaded housing which provides durability and resistance to environmental factors. This housing ensures the sensor remains securely in place even in challenging working conditions.

The sensor is equipped with a non-aging weather-resistant cable with high-temperature resistance, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period. This cable can withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use in applications where temperature variations are present.

The 4-wire threaded housing PT100 temperature sensor also offers customization options to meet unique requirements. Customization allows the sensor to be tailored to specific applications, ensuring that it can effectively meet the needs of individual projects. Whether it's a specific cable length, connector type, or specialized housing material, customization options provide the flexibility to adapt the sensor to various environments and installations.


  • Easy mounting

  • Custom-made size available

  • Wide temperature range  -200°C to +600°C

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