Why do we need DS18B20 temperature probe?
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Why do we need DS18B20 temperature probe?

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Why do we need DS18B20 temperature probe?

The unique wiring method and economical features of DS18B20 temperature probe allow users to easily set up sensor networks and introduce a new concept for the construction of measurement systems.

What is the function of the communication port of DS18B20 temperature probe?

DS18B20 temperature probe adopts 1-wire communication interface. Because of the 1-wire communication interface, the ROM setting must be completed first, otherwise the memory and control functions will not be available. Mainly provides one of the following function commands first: 1) Read ROM, 2) ROM Match, 3) Search ROM, 4) Skip ROM, 5) Alarm Check. These command operations act on the 64-bit lithography ROM serial number without a device. Multiple devices can be hung on the line to select a certain device. At the same time, the bus can also know how many and what kind of devices are hung on the bus.

What other applications are there for DS18B20 temperature probe?

In addition to being used for computer room monitoring, DS18B20 temperature probe can also be widely used in places where temperature and humidity monitoring is required in various industries such as biopharmaceuticals, sterile rooms, clean workshops, telecommunications banks, libraries, archives, cultural relics, and smart buildings. and field.

What are the main features of DS18B20 temperature probe?

1. The adaptable voltage range is wider, the voltage range: 3.0 ~ 5.5V, in the parasitic power supply mode, it can be powered by the data line

2. Unique single-line interface method, DS18B20 only needs one port line to realize two-way communication between the microprocessor and DS18B20 when connecting with the microprocessor.

3. DS18B20 supports multi-point networking function, multiple DS18B20 can be connected in parallel on a single three-wire to realize multi-point temperature measurement in networking

4. DS18B20 does not require any peripheral components in use, all sensing components and conversion circuits are integrated in an integrated circuit shaped like a triode

5. Temperature range -55℃~+125℃, the accuracy is ±0.5℃ at -10~+85℃

6. The programmable resolution is 9 to 12 bits, and the corresponding distinguishable temperatures are 0.5°C, 0.25°C, 0.125°C and 0.0625°C, which can achieve high-precision temperature measurement

7. The temperature can be converted to a number within 93.75ms at 9-bit resolution, and the temperature value can be converted to a number within 750ms at 12-bit resolution, which is faster

8. The measurement result directly outputs the digital temperature signal, which is serially transmitted to the CPU by "1-wire bus", and can transmit the CRC check code at the same time, which has strong anti-interference and error correction ability.

9. Negative pressure characteristics: When the polarity of the power supply is reversed, the chip will not be burnt due to heat, but it will not work normally.

T Sensor Tech which has been established for over ten years, focuses on the production of DS18B20 temperature probes. Here, you can find the DS18B20 temperature probes you need.

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