How much do you know about temperature sensors?
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How much do you know about temperature sensors?

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How much do you know about temperature sensors?

The thermal resistance temperature sensor is a sensor thermometer that uses the principle that the resistance value of a conductor or semiconductor changes with temperature. The thermal resistance can also be connected to a temperature transmitter to convert the temperature into a standard current signal to achieve real-time monitoring of the ambient temperature. Thermal resistance temperature sensors are divided into two categories: metal thermal resistance and semiconductor thermistor.

How does a thermocouple temperature sensor work?

How does a resistance temperature sensor work?

How does a thermocouple temperature sensor work?

If there are two different conductors and semiconductors A and B to form a loop, and the two ends are connected to each other, as long as the temperatures at the two connecting points are different, the temperature of one end is T, which is called the working end or hot end, and the temperature of the other end is TO, called the free end or cold end, there is a current in the loop, that is, the electromotive force present in the loop is called thermoelectric motor force. This phenomenon of generating an electromotive force due to temperature differences is called the Seebeck effect. There are two effects associated with Seebeck: First, when a current flows through the junction of two different conductors, heat is absorbed or dissipated (depending on the current direction), which is called the Peltier effect; Second, when a current flows through a conductor with a temperature gradient, the conductor absorbs or releases heat (depending on the direction of the current relative to the temperature gradient), known as the Thomson effect. The combination of two different conductors or semiconductors is called a thermocouple.

How does a resistance temperature sensor work?

The resistance value of the conductor changes with the temperature, and the temperature of the object to be measured is calculated by measuring the resistance value. The sensor formed according to this principle is the resistance temperature sensor, which is mainly used for temperature in the temperature range of -200-500 °C. Measurement. Pure metal is the main manufacturing material for thermal resistance, and the material for thermal resistance should have the following characteristics:

(1) The temperature coefficient of resistance should be large and stable, and there should be a good linear relationship between the resistance value and temperature.

(2) High specific resistance, low heat capacity and fast reaction speed.

(3) The material has good reproducibility and craftsmanship, and the price is low.

(4) The chemical and physical properties are stable within the temperature measurement range.

Currently, platinum and copper are most commonly used in industry and have been made standard temperature measurements for thermal resistance.

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