Sintered Metal Housing 4-20mA Temperature & Humidity Sensor
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Sintered Metal Housing 4-20mA Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Sensor Spec Options: SHT20, SHT21, SHT30, SHT31, SHT35
Cable Spec: 26AWG*4C, PVC cable, red-VDD, black-GND, green-SDA, white-SCL
Length: 1M, or custom-made as per request
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  • T-Sensor Tech

The temperature and humidity sensor with SHT series chips and a metal sintered filter housing is a versatile and high-performance device designed for accurate measurement and control of environmental conditions. The innovative metal sintered filter housing ensures high air permeability and facilitates fast gas humidity flow and exchange, enabling precise and responsive measurement of humidity levels.

Moreover, the sensor's waterproof housing effectively safeguards the internal components from water penetration and potential damage, while still allowing the passage of air. This unique feature enables the sensor to accurately measure and monitor ambient humidity levels without compromising its durability.

Due to its outstanding capabilities, this sensor finds application across various industries and fields. It is commonly used in HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, testing and inspection equipment, automobiles, automatic controls, data loggers, weather stations, home appliances, humidity regulators, medical devices, and other related humidity detection and control applications.

Additionally, the cable length of the sensor can be customized based on customers' needs, and various connector options are available for cable termination, enhancing compatibility with different systems and devices. With its reliable performance and versatility, this temperature and humidity sensor is an essential tool for maintaining optimal environmental conditions in diverse settings.


  • Function: measure and control temperature and humidity

  • Temperature range: -40℃~+125℃

  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.2°C resolution 0.1°C

  • Humidity range: 0%~100%RH

  • Humidity accuracy: ±2%RH

  • Output: 4-20mA, RS485, 0-10V

  • Power: 12-24VDC

  • Application: Mainly used in agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, farmland, electronic equipment production lines and other occasions that require temperature and humidity monitoring.

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