Type K Thermocouple Cooking Temperature Probe with 6ft Cable
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Type K Thermocouple Cooking Temperature Probe with 6ft Cable

Sensor Spec: thermocouple type K
Probe Material: AISI304
Compliant with: RoHS, REACH, FDA, LFGB
Cable Length: 1.8m(6ft), or customized upon request
Connector: audio jack
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The Type K Thermocouple Cooking Temperature Probe is a versatile and reliable tool designed for accurate temperature monitoring in cooking applications. This probe is specifically designed for use in extreme temperatures, making it ideal for oven, grill, and stovetop cooking.

Featuring a durable and heat-resistant Type K thermocouple sensor, this cooking temperature probe can handle high temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius (2,192 degrees Fahrenheit), ensuring accurate readings even in intense cooking environments. The probe's stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning and ensures longevity, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Equipped with a long and flexible cable, the probe offers convenience and ease of use when monitoring food temperatures. The cable's length allows users to keep the temperature monitoring device outside the oven or grill, saving them from potential burns or accidents.

This temperature probe is compatible with various thermometers and temperature controllers, allowing it to be used with different cooking appliances. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, this probe is a valuable tool for ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection and that you can maintain precise temperature control during the cooking process.


  • High accuracy +/-0.2C @25C

  • Fast response 3~5s

  • Compliant with FDA, LFGB

  • High temperature resistance up to 350C

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