Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Type K Thermocouple with Bendable Probe
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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Type K Thermocouple with Bendable Probe

  • Bendable probe
  • Robust construction
  • Grounded or ungrounded junction
  • PFA insulation
  • Custom lengths available
  • Available in K, T, J or N types
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The exhaust gas temperature sensor type K thermocouple is a versatile and reliable tool designed for accurate temperature measurement in automotive exhaust systems and other industrial applications.

Equipped with a bendable thin probe, this sensor provides flexibility for easy installation and positioning. Its slim design allows it to reach confined spaces and tight corners, ensuring precise temperature readings.

The sensor terminates with a type K miniature thermocouple plug, which enhances its durability and water resistance. The moulded plug construction ensures robustness, making it suitable for demanding environments and preventing damage from moisture or external elements.

The thermocouple sensors are available in various calibration options, including type K, T, J, or N, allowing for versatility and compatibility with different systems and industries. ouple conductors and provide resistance to chemicals, the probes are coated with PFA insulation. This insulation offers reliable protection against corrosive substances and ensures the longevity of the sensors, even in harsh conditions.

In addition to the standard specifications, customization options are available for the exhaust gas temperature sensors. This allows users to tailor the sensors to their specific requirements, including custom probe lengths, calibration types, and additional features.

Technical data:

  • Response time: <0.5s

  • Sensor: Thermocouple type K

  • Probe temperature range: -75 to +450 °C

  • High accuracy: ±0.2°C for -20 to +70°C

  • Probe sizes: Ø1.5 mm, PFA insulated

  • Cable length: 300mm with flat mini thermocouple connector

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