M8 Screw Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor with Long Probe
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M8 Screw Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor with Long Probe

  • M8 thread housing
  • Robust construction
  • Grounded or ungrounded junction
  • PFA insulation
  • Custom lengths available
  • Available in K, T, J or N types
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This M8 scew type thermocouple temperature sensor is made from stainless steel housing and terminating with an easy entry spade terminal. The threaded housing makes it easy installation in thermowells, tanks, pipes and other closed vessels. And the probes are available as type K, T, J or N calibration.Thermocouple temperature sensors have a tolerance of Class I for optimum accuracy and an insulation rating of -75℃ to +250℃. And PFA insulation cable provides the protection to the thermocouple conductors and offers some resistance to oil, acid and other adverse fluids, gas, steam, etc.

Technical data:

  • Thread size: M8

  • Sensor: Thermocouple type K

  • Probe temperature range: -75 to +250 °C

  • High accuracy: ±0.2°C for -20 to +70°C

  • Thread size: M8, PFA insulated

  • Cable length: 800mm with spade terminal

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