Weatherproof SHT30 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
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Weatherproof SHT30 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Sensor Spec: SHT30-ARP, SHT30-DIS
  • Probe Material: PE
  • Cable Spec: 26AWG*4C, red-VDD, black-GND, green-SDA, white-SCL
  • Length: upon customers' request
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  • T-Sensor Tech

The SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor - the perfect solution for monitoring environmental conditions in a variety of settings. This state-of-the-art sensor boasts a weatherproof housing, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments.

Designed for remote communication with base stations, electronic control cabinets, production sites, warehouses, computer rooms, greenhouses, animal husbandry, medicinal material warehouses, and more, the SHT30 sensor provides accurate and reliable readings of temperature and humidity levels.


  • Function: measure and control temperature and humidity

  • Temperature range: -40℃~+125℃

  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.2°C resolution 0.1°C

  • Humidity range: 0%~100%RH

  • Humidity accuracy: ±2%RH

  • Output: analog, digital

  • Power: 2.4-5.5VDC

  • Application: agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, farmland, electronic equipment production lines and other occasions that require temperature and humidity monitoring.

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